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In New River Journal Spring 2016 Dérivepedia is a combinatory and recylopedic text generator that recombines sentence fragments from 400 Wikipedia entries to generate specious entries for subjects ranging from Tadpoles And The History Of Weather Satellites to Pliny The Elder: Constructing Ambiguous Witch Trials; from Jimi Hendrix And The Psychology Of Cowpox to Ada […]

The Exquisite Corpus: Issues in Electronic Literature

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ONLINE AT: https://vimeo.com/76686430https://vimeo.com/76686430 The Exquisite Corpus: Issues in Electronic Literature is a full length video-essay on issues that circulate around the discipline of electronic literature. Questions addressed in the video-essay include national literatures, the post-human, the future of electronic literature, data-cultures, and if electronic literature can exist at all. The video-essay includes interviews with 17 scholars and […]


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(S)pacing is a poetic performance piece and interactive installation that reflects upon the nervous habit of pacing and ideas of internal dialogue while walking as a source of poetic inspiration and contemplation, if not procrastination. The application for performance can be played on the keyboard. As an interactive installation, the pieces use live video motion tracking […]

Twittering/My Molly (Departed)

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Twittering, A Procedural Novel (aka My Molly (Departed)), remixes text, image, audio, and video triggered through keyboard interaction. The piece coexists with a novel (Free Dogma Press) that was written simultaneous to the development of this work. Where the novel plays on aspects of time, and draws from sources such as Joyce, Strindberg, Beckett, Dante, among others; the hypermedia textual […]

The Hugo Ball

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ONLINE AT: http://goo.gl/6sVRO7 The Hugo Ball is a poetry generator that uses the 74 unique words of Hugo Ball’s Dadaist poem Gadji Beri Bimba as its source text. On the work Talan Memmott’s “The Hugo Ball” is an invocation of the poet of the same name, an electronic interpretation of Ball’s poem “Gadji Beri Bimba,” and […]

Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)]

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ONLINE AT: http://goo.gl/IdkvDS Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)] is a recombinant portrait and biography generator. The piece recombines the self-portraits of a dozen well-known painters as well as biographical text on each. Accordingly, the generated pictorial and textual portraits are no longer self-portraits, but “selves” portraits, with subjects that are more than one. The piece deals with identity in an art-historical […]

Lexia to Perplexia

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WORK DETAIL (PDF) Lexia to Perplexia was developed 1998-1999 and debuted on the web in early 2000. The work is a deconstructive/grammatological examination of the Internet apparatus as “delivery machine,” exploring the processes and phenomena of attachment and networked being; and, as Katherine Hayles has stated, (provide) “a set of interrelated speculations about the future […]