Clickbait working on @ANGRY EMOJi

Posted by in Blog, Sounds, on September 22, 2019

CLICKBAIT – the simulo-punk band I formed awhile back, is in the studio working on a collection of 10 songs about memes. @NGRY EMOJi, as the album is to be called, introduces “Chad Bot” as the new lead singer for the band and includes track with titles like Sudden Clarity Clarence, Feeling Cute, and Gordon Ramsay Tweets.  In 2019, “Chad Bot” entered CLICKBAIT […]

Clickbait — a simulo-punk research band

cb-caption.cov Posted by in Sounds, on June 4, 2018

As an extension of my meme culture research, I decided to form a punk band that would produce songs exclusively about memes. Thus was born CLICKBAIT — a simulo-punk research band! The first album, Caption This, includes nine songs about some classic meme characters and conditions including — Scumbag Steve, Disaster Girl, Bad Luck Brian, and The Most […]


N.COVER-dummy Posted by in Sounds, on February 21, 2016

Since about 2004 I have been creating music under the name N+Semble, producing four “albums” with more on the way. The tracks range from jazzy to pop, ensemble music to experimental.

Indeterminate Anti-Pop

antiPOP Posted by in Media Work, Sounds, on October 10, 2015

Indeterminate Anti-Pop is music mashup machine that plays with the form and expectations of pop music. Developed in Flash, the piece recombines 127 sound files to generate an on-the-fly pop song of a sort. The audio output is coupled with text and images based on anagrams for the pieces subtitle — low culture high art; […]


qWERTY-LRG Posted by in Media Work, Sounds, on October 10, 2015

The QWERTY Octet is cinematic score generator developed in Flash. The application combines 80 short musical phrases to generate an abstract score that is coupled with images and text to create a pseudo=filmic environment. Each replay of the work allows the musical phrases, images and text to recombine in a different manner. The piece runs 180 […]