Twittering/My Molly (Departed)

Posted by in Media Work, on October 10, 2015

Twittering, A Procedural Novel (aka My Molly (Departed)), remixes text, image, audio, and video triggered through keyboard interaction. The piece coexists with a novel (Free Dogma Press) that was written simultaneous to the development of this work. Where the novel plays on aspects of time, and draws from sources such as Joyce, Strindberg, Beckett, Dante, among others; the hypermedia textual instrument combines these in a more immediate, collapsed manner.


(DOWNLOAD PERFORMANCE APPLICATION [  contains flash application])

About the Performance Application:

My Molly (Departed) pushes beyond the postmodern and poststructuralist inspirations undergirding Memmott’s signature codeworks into the genre of generative, combinatorial performance. Intended to be performed rather than read, My Molly (Departed) is not an autonomous artwork; it is a database that requires interaction in order to produce poetics.”
Jessica Pressman, Digital Modernism: Making It New in New Media(Oxford University Press)

Video playthrough of the Performance Application

About the Novel:
MOLLY_fCoverS“From one angle, My Molly (Departed) represents a performance whose protagonist is nomadic language itself. From another, it represents the circus of a short-circuited mind in motion (call it the Broken Author Function, Botched Literary History, the effects of a computer virus of text generator) shot through with loss, energetic fluster, and, by its very exhilarated being-in-the-world, pure plain thrill.”
– Lance Olsen, author of Theories of Forgetting

“Reading Talan Memmott’s Molly is like listening to a vinyl record of the Western literary unconscious, of indecent solo longings brutalized into words, skipping on a tiny grain of dust, and the dust is the evidence of shared longings, and that is indecent too. Everything is fucked up, and it’s almost beautiful.”
– Anna Joy Springer author of The Vicious Red Relic, Love


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