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Introducing Lary

feature-LARY11 Posted by in AI work, Images & Design, Media Work, on June 15, 2023

“Introducing Lary” is an ongoing AI project that explores the re-invention of the self following life-changing cancer surgery and treatment. Based on the artist’s own experience with a laryngeal cancer diagnosis and the medical interventions that followed, the project uses a variety of AI image generating platforms along with journal entries and medical reports as […]

Alocutive Interpolation: AI Aesthetic Therapeutics

AInter-Feature Posted by in AI work, Images & Design, on April 27, 2023

Through the use of text prompts and various AI image generators, Alocutive Interpolation presents a collection of nine alternative, iterative self-portraits based on the artist’s own experience with a laryngeal cancer diagnosis and the medical interventions that follow.  Using journal entries, written over the year since the diagnosis, and medical reports as text prompts for […]

Clickbait working on @ANGRY EMOJi

Posted by in Blog, Sounds, on September 22, 2019

CLICKBAIT – the simulo-punk band I formed awhile back, is in the studio working on a collection of 10 songs about memes. @NGRY EMOJi, as the album is to be called, introduces “Chad Bot” as the new lead singer for the band and includes track with titles like Sudden Clarity Clarence, Feeling Cute, and Gordon Ramsay Tweets.  In 2019, “Chad Bot” entered CLICKBAIT […]

Dank Memes and Tactical Media

trumpTroll Posted by in Blog, Research, on August 25, 2018

The text (*script) from my presentation at the Electronic Literature Organization Conference 2018. It’s not quite a paper, which is why I call it a script. But, it does reflect my ongoing research into meme cultures. DANK MEMES AND TACTICAL MEDIA GOLDEN AGE The golden age of memes is over. Long gone are the halcyon […]

Clickbait — a simulo-punk research band

cb-caption.cov Posted by in Sounds, on June 4, 2018

As an extension of my meme culture research, I decided to form a punk band that would produce songs exclusively about memes. Thus was born CLICKBAIT — a simulo-punk research band! The first album, Caption This, includes nine songs about some classic meme characters and conditions including — Scumbag Steve, Disaster Girl, Bad Luck Brian, and The Most […]