Introducing Lary: The San Biagio Frescoes of Pietro Golamuto

Posted by in AI work, Media Work, on June 15, 2023


Art History “Shallow Fake” about the imaginary San Biagio frescoes of Pietro Golamuto. The frescoes depict “the life and times of Lary, the guardian of neck breathers.” All Images generated using Stable Diffusion and Runway. Script by Chat GPT Voiceover supplied by ElevenLabs using a voice clone based on blending the natural voice of Talan Memmott recorded in 2008, and Memmott’s TEP voicing in 2023. Music generated using AIVA.

THIS work was presented at ISEA 2023, and ELO 2023.
Exhibited as part of the More than Meets AI show Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley, California.