Indeterminate Anti-Pop

Posted by in Media Work, Sounds, on October 10, 2015

Indeterminate Anti-Pop is music mashup machine that plays with the form and expectations of pop music. Developed in Flash, the piece recombines 127 sound files to generate an on-the-fly pop song of a sort. The audio output is coupled with text and images based on anagrams for the pieces subtitle — low culture high art; love song sad song; with a steady back beat; syncopated techno pulse; readymade pop song; just a patterned ditty; verses, choruses, and bridge.


The algorithm follows the familiar pop song structure of ABABCB (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus) with some variation, and the beat itself is generated in real-time. Due to the management of assets in Flash the tempo will fluctuate depending upon the weight of graphic and audio being called in at any given time.


About the Application:
Imagine Salvador Dali and Deleuze meeting Hello Kitty in a blender.
— Scott Rettberg, Drunken Boat

The application can be accessed HERE.

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