Clickbait working on @ANGRY EMOJi

Posted by in Blog, Sounds, on September 22, 2019

CLICKBAIT – the simulo-punk band I formed awhile back, is in the studio working on a collection of 10 songs about memes. @NGRY EMOJi, as the album is to be called, introduces “Chad Bot” as the new lead singer for the band and includes track with titles like Sudden Clarity Clarence, Feeling Cute, and Gordon Ramsay Tweets. 

In 2019, “Chad Bot” entered CLICKBAIT as lead vocalist, and Davin Heckman joined the CLICKBAIT production team.

You can hear a preview
of two songs from @NGRY EMOJi here:

The initial inspiration for CLICKBAIT emerged out of All Time High – a Twitter-based NetProv performance, Mark Marino and Rob Wittig organized and directed , in which the character I played was a struggling high school musician.(Dee Dee Pheromone).


In 2016, following the NetProv, I decided to continue CLICKBAIT, adapting the project to operate as critical/creative output for my meme culture research. Three member – Riff Motor, Rude Remark, and Peter Meter were well known to me and willing to “play” in CLICKBAIT

In essence, CLICKBAIT, the band, takes the form of an avataristic, collective auto-collaboration
I am the producer. Not the performer. I am the reproducer; as, the central directive of the project, is to translate, through remediation, various bits of meme culture research. To write, develop, and produce pop songs based around themes in the research. All songs must be related to meme culture in some way. In some cases, the lyrics construct short narratives for  the meme personality addressed in the song. In other cases the songs respond to the proliferent iterativity of memes, while some deal more directly with meme culture phenomena.

tableSalesWThe first album, Caption This (2016), includes nine songs about some classic meme characters including — Scumbag Steve, Disaster Girl, Bad Luck Brian, and The Most Interesting Man in the World. The album is available on various streaming services, can be downloaded from soundcloud, and was issued as a limited (20 copy), handmade CD: a home burnt CD of mp3 files and a photocopied lyric sheet in a plain brown cardboard sleeve marked with a title decal … sold on etsy. A number of songs from the album have been played on college and internet radio stations.

CAPTION THIS is available on Spotify, iTunes, Google, and Amazon.

You can listen and downlaod


  1. Simulo-Punk:perhaps there’s nothing punk about. Most of the music is sequenced rather than played live. 
  2. “Chad Bot”: you will have to ask Davin Heckman. “Chad Bot” makes his debut as lead vocalist for Clickbait on “@ngy Emoji.”
  3. “Dee Dee Pheromone” from the band Spamm Vommit. Inthe All Time High NetProv Spamm Vommit plays at the prom. Dee Dee left the band after the All Time High NetProv. The remaining member (Riff Motor, Rude Remark, Peter Meter) stuck together, reforming as Clickbait. 
  4. Riff Motor (my stage name as the guitarist in Short Order Cooks, ’79-’81), Rude Remark (my stage name as the bass player in Raid, ’82), Peter Meter: a generic name for a drum machine.