Nonce.Executor (disposable language)

Posted by in Video Work, on October 10, 2015

Atop an original, haunting string score, ambient sound, and barely audible whispers; layered, heavily processed and glitched video the corrupted data of faulty ekphrasis, of homophones, puns, and alternative definitions play. “People” becomes “peephole”, “I see you” becomes “eye sea ewe”, and to “eschew” is defined as “circumvention by way of abstinence.” Nonce.Executor is a video-poem concerned with the over-formulation of nonsense; and, how meaning-making can become a fluid process.

From an interview conducted by Jeremy Height:

“I suppose the piece plays with expectations of coherence, at the level of poetics. Even the title reflects on this. Nonce.executor is derived from the execution of nonsense, pretending at an unstable formula for the construction of nonsense. When I say the model isn’t consistent, I am not saying it isn’t considered. It is perhaps considered too much, but allowed to modulate through chance operations. […] What I was getting at in regard to disposable language, was exactly this sort of unstable over-formulation of a model for nonsense. The language doesn’t have a posture; it is contorted rather than posed aesthetically.”

Under the title Disposable Language, the video-poem was adapted for dance by Ashley Peters and performed at the Language to Cover A Wall exhibition. (Video Documentation:

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