Rhizomes 32: Meme Culture, Alienation Capital, and Gestic Play

Posted by in Blog, on June 2, 2017

The Rhizomes issue that I co-edited with Davin Heckman is now available online.

The issue was developed through an UnderAcademy College seminar and includes contributions from myself and Davin Heckman, Claire Donato, Sergio Figueiredo, Jeremy Hight, Jeff T. Johnson, Kelly Lydick, Mark Marino, Craig Saper, Orchid Tierney, and Erik Zepka.


As Davin says in the introduction to the issue:
As you will […] notice, the contributions do not follow the conventional format, nor is authorship conventionally attributed. Instead, we submit our list of contributors with the knowledge that we wrote through, with, across, and against each other. We invite you to read with the understanding that the organizing principles might be conceptual (as conceived in your minds or ours) and performative (as a dialogical entanglement), cohering in specific nodes, flowing more loosely as clusters of responses, with hyperlinks cutting across these trajectories.

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