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Ouliposcopes are like horoscopes. Using horoscopes as seed text, an ouliposcope goes through various processes to arrive at something different.

Here are some examples:


PROCESS 1: astrological appropriation

Appropriate three horoscopes from a single day – a general horoscope, a love horoscope, and a career horoscope. In addition, take the general horoscope for the week. All selected horoscopes should be for the same sign.


Most horoscope sites have these options; you don’t need to necessarily use the one above. If the site you choose doesn’t have these options, select a set of horoscopes for the day, or week, or month, or year that you find appropriate.
Copy these into a document. This is your seed text.

PROCESS 2: n+7 manipulation

Visit the spoonbill n+7 generator and enter your seed text. The generator will do N+ for 0 – 15… Select the N= that applies for the date of the horoscopes…
If the date is March, 20 — you would select N+3, and N+15 and then run the N+15 text through the generator again, selecting N+5 from the output.
Copy and compile these texts.

PROCESS 3: eDiastic

Paste the compiled text into the eDiastic generator… Play with it, until you have something you like.

PROCESS 4: Redaction
Copy and paste the eDiastic output into a document and begin blacking out areas of text to generate your OULIPOSCOPE.


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