Redacted Images: Location

Posted by in Images & Design, on December 12, 2015

An ongoing collection of process oriented images.

Tower of Babel

Bergen, Norway

Lanterns and Arches

Copenhagen, Denmark

Swedish Spring

Karlskrona, Sweden

The Sea Between

The Baltic, between Sweden and Poland


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Columbia Crest

Washington State (from above)

Stork Fountain

Copenhagen, Denmark

Merle Haggard

Bakersfield, California


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Steve's Place

Vienna, Austria

Big Rocks and Water



Bergen, Norway


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Crowded Tube

London, UK

Marshmallow Fields

Skåne Lans, Sweden

Lanterns and Traffic

San Francisco, California (Chinatown)

A Tenebrous Rock

Morro Bay, California

To the Big Square

Malmö, Sweden

After Pierogi

Gdansk, Poland


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